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Dr. Ashish Raj

Assistant Professor-II

My research interest is transient sources e.g. CVs, supernovae. gamma-ray bursts, neutron star mergers, tidal disruption events, AGN flares etc and early type stars.
1. Understanding the characteristics of peculiar transients in details like the process of molecule and dust formation in these objects, studying the evolution of spectra in the optical and IR, identifying and understanding the different lines that are seen in the optical and near-IR spectra like their strengths, temporal variations etc. and investigating the physical properties of the underlying system.
2. Investigation of dust around early-type stars of low luminosity. The existence of large amounts of circumstellar (CS) matter near hot stars with initially 220 solar masses is a long-standing puzzle of stellar astrophysics. Here also the high-resolution spectroscopic observations will be done using HESP (HCT, IIA) and other national and international facilities to solve this puzzle.


Curricullam Vitae